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Message From The BOD


Along with the increase in infrastructure projects in Indonesia today and in the future, of course it will be directly proportional to the demand for engineering & steel structure products in Indonesia.

PT. Indo Sadang Fabrikator (ISFa) as one of the biggest and foremost steel structure engineering & fabrication companies always strives to meet these needs by producing and fabricating products & services that are of good quality, superior and on time.

We strive to continue to offer value by using our engineering expertise to come up with good, innovative solutions. And ultimately controlling costs and risks. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to detail by ensuring excellence in all of our work.

Our commitment to complete each construction work that has been entrusted is inseparable from the role of each of our competent personnel in planning, implementing and controlling projects with various management and construction methods that are effective, efficient and pay attention to K3 (Occupational Health and Safety).

We will always maintain and improve the competitiveness of our company in this fabricated steel industry by constantly developing services, competent workforce, effective and efficient construction methods and with the best technology in order to meet stakeholder expectations, so that our clients will experience a high level of service in our work, products and services.

PT. Indo Sadang Fabrikator
Board of Directors,

Ahmad Fauzi, ST
President Director

PT. IndoSadang Fabrikator

Workshop & Facilities